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iConfig over network?

edited May 2019 in Software
can I use iConfig on a remote computer using rtpMidi? I have a network connection set up between the rehearsal room (where my iCM4+ is located and where the synths are) and my office where I use a PC and a keyboard to do sound design on the remote synths while confortably sitting at my desk instead of standing up for hours. I would like to use iConfig on my office computer but I get the usual "communication error: unexpected error when opening midi device" prompt. On the local computer this happenes when any other software using midi is running (iConfig needs to be the sole active mid app, unfortunately) but on my remote computer there's no software running at all. Maybe it's just impossible to control the iCM4+ over rtpMidi, only local control is allowed? Thanks


  • edited May 2019
    Issue found: iConfig doesn't like the Novation Remote midi port and will only start if the Remote is physically unplugged. Probably because the Remote USB midiport is a multiport device.

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