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iConfig stopped working - GUI panel no longer appears


Have both iConfig and Auracle running in Mac OS 10.14.  A few weeks ago iConfig GUI just stopped working, the app launches and the  menu bars are visible but the main GUI does not render on screen.  Auracle does not provide the level of routing and filtering that iConfig provides and am I stuck.  Had tried reinstalling app but that doesn't help.

Any suggestions?


  • edited May 2019
    Are you also using an iPad? If so, you could try installing the iPad iConfig app on your iPad and do your routing from it.

    Idea 2: found this:
  • Hello MarcelB, thanks for the details.  

    Haven't yet attempted connecting up an iPad but will give that a try.  That link, nice find.  The external monitor is 4K and had just learned from the link that iConfig doesn't support it.  Now that was an eye opener.  

    iConfig was installed on a fairly new MacBook Pro and it used to work fine on both monitors.  The extra-wide ext monitor was originally running in dual split-screen mode (I.e. two virtual monitors) and all appeared to work fine.  Then had recently changed the mode back to single extra-wide mode.  Since iConfig is used as an utility it isn't often used, (especially once the rig is configured), so it's hard to tell if the issue was due to changing monitor mode.

    Will attempt to reconfigure the ext monitor back to split mode and see if that helps.  Thanks for the guidance.
  • If changing it back to split mode doesn’t help, perhaps (temporarily) changing the resolution of the monitor might work. Don’t know if that helps, it is just an idea. Good luck.
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