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Is iConnectAUDIO4+ DC coupled audio interface?

edited May 2019 in Audio
Is iConnectAUDIO4+ DC coupled audio interface?

Now Ableton 10.1 is adding software to control modular I want to use my audio device to connect to both.


  • No it isn't. Putting DC over an audio output isn't usually a very good idea.
  • Ok, I see other audio devices like motu are DC coupled. Next time I buy an audio device I will take this option so I hope iconnectivity can follow this trend.   Cheers
  • Maybe a good solution is to have ADAT ports on future iconnect audio devices, this would allow people to connect iconnect audio devices to their eurorack via the ADAT ports.   The eurorack market is become much bigger and many people want this type of connectivity.
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