Routing with Auracle vs. routing with iConfig...

I'm very confused about Auracle and the way things are routed or not routed.  I use my AUDIO4 for Ableton playback, so using iConfig (and routing within my Ableton sessions) I have individual sounds coming out of 1, 2, 3, 4, and headphones that then correspond to inputs on the stage snake.  Basic stuff, and it works great...  Using iConfig.  But when I start up Auracle (currect version.  I updated before writing to see if I was experiencing a weird bug) it blows away everything except for 1-2.  I don't hear or even see meter for 3-4 and headphones even when it was working perfectly prior to starting up Auracle!!  Super super weird.

I see that Auracle is the new controller product that you're pushing now, and I just don't get it.  What am I missing?  Thanks!!


  • bump.. would love answers around this too. I have a similar unanswered question on the "Audio" section titled "iConnect Audio4 - can you actually use outputs 3 and 4?"
  • Currently if you use Auracle with an AUDIO2+ or 4+ it operates on the assumption that the user is mixing in stereo. It does not support multiple individual outputs. This is explained near the beginning of the Auracle User Guide:

    If you want multiple individual outputs current you have to use iConfig.

    Auracle will support this functionality in a future version.
  • Thanks - trying to decide whether to hold on to the Audio4+ or use two interfaces and patch using audio and midi cables.

    When is the "future version" of Auracle going to be released?   Is it in "one month", "one year" or "we do not know" ?
  • We normally release Auracle updates on a fairly regular basis, usually at least once every couple of months, if not quicker. But I can't say when this particular feature will be available. It's certainly in the backlog of things to do though.
  • Thanks.

    Curious... if this is on the backlog... what is the priority? This truly is basic functionality from any audio interface. 
  • New user, noob to the iConnectivity community but -- what in the world is going on here?!!?!!?

    ..I assure you I am not new to music technology.

    What the heck is up with the mix messages then rodney_iConnectivity ??

    from the manual link you provided -- [... Auracle there are a few minor iConfig features that are not yet supported. We reckon that 95% of our users will be best off using Auracle right now, but some people might still require iConfig if they have unusual or special setups]

    a few features not supported???  Unusual special setups?

    Are you kidding me?

    you say that iConfig is obsolete, not supported, dead-on-download, everyone should be moving to this new software. (source: your community comments to other users on the community boards here).

    Okay. Fine. Lets go... Then why isn't it fully functional?

    Come on now..this is silly. Most of us purchased, myself included, for the ability to do multichannel out of our 2nd iOS device, and I assure you multichannel doesn't mean two mono channels!

    I totally disagree that this is sufficient for 'most users.'  I reckon, you are wrong. This is a unique device for specific reasons - its not another standard usb-compliant audio interface that can do exactly what the Auracle software does (magically under the covers) right out of the box!

    So, do one or the other. Stop advertising this can support up to 20 mono channels i/o when you don't have software to support it. Don't copy/past use iConfig as an answer here, it is wacked as a software config interface and by your own words not even supported. We can't even ask questions, have someone explain the odd mixer features, fix some issues, and why working in CSound and supercollider is much easier than deciphering this matrix design?

    For Clarity:
    Windows 10 (x64)
    iPad Pro 12.9 iOS 12.2
    Firmware 2.0.2
    Auracle 1.4.1-62
    iConfig 4.2.7 (still running at 32bit)

    BUGS: this newest version does NOT show the second device on the mixer page as your release notes indicate. Only the PC USB1, the USB2 ostensibly my iOS iPad device isn't even acknowledged. Yes, I restarted, unplugged, plugged, etc. It doesn't display

    AND who was the SMART developer that when "easy setup your system" prompt, to test speakers, you GREYedOUT the volume of the TEST TONE until you click TEST SPEAKERS?? you have it at UNITY, MAX Volume. My Genelecs screamed! I am very pissed about this one. There is no excuse.

    If the Auracle software is turnkey, you sure need to make it so. Do it Now, not months down the road. This is just all wow to me....

    This post would have had a better 'tone,'  less snarky, to it if my ears weren't still ringing from the unbelievable test-tone debacle.

    Seriously, though, what is the future of your products?

    If Auracle is going to be the main software, then sure develop, test, get it right. That said, you really need to keep supporting and puts some shine on iConfig - otherwise....

    I just purchased this week the Audio2+ from Sweetwater, I still have the return boxes at my feet

    I wait for a reasonable response. Thanks in advance.

  • gtilde said:

    ..I assure you I am not new to music technology.


     This is just all wow to me....

    This sums it up. 
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