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2 Video-Media-Server Redundant

Hi There,

am Passe from Germany. I bought 2x Video-Media-Server and for that i bought an iConnectivity PlayAUDIO 12. We dont use any Audio-Software on that so we are not able to use the VST Plugin to send the LifeSine. Just 2 Windows Machines with Playing Video with Audio.

How to setup it with iconnectivity? We wanna playout 8 Lines Main and in Emergency Case from Backup. LifeSine would be the best, but i think its noch possible. What about to have Scene A and Scene B? For Main and Backup. (is it possible to trigger these two presets by sending a command?)

What is you Suggestion for this Case?

best regards.


  • There are a few options here depending on your video software. 
    IF you can run an audio file throughout the setup you could use a printed tone and have that be like lifesine. The downfall is if you stop it, it will switch computers.

    Another option is to change how the PA12 does failover. You can set the PA12 so that it only switches when there is no audio.
    The last option is manually switching.

    For these last options I would recommend looking at our PA12 advance software.
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