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I'm an Idiot and need some help.

I've been playing around with my new Midi 4+and I can get my iPad to respond to input from my various midi devices.  I cannot, however get any sound from the iPad back through the midi 4+ to my DAW.  If I plug in my headphones to the iPad, I hear the sounds.  Am I forgetting some important setting somewhere?


  • The MIDI4+ only does audio passthru and not any audio directly out. It does not have any physical jacks for audio out. When you plug the headphones into the iPad you basically override the MIDI4+ taking over the audio output from that iPAd and tell it to send audio to that builtin headphones. 
    The MIDI4+ will pass audio from one computing device (iOS, PC, Mac) to another computing device. The receiving computing device will need to take that audio as an input, so you will need a software to accept that audio in.
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