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MacBookPro Mainstage stereo out plus iPad stereo out iPad click track on Audio2+?

I am considering buying an Audio2+
I'd like to run stereo L and R out of my Macbook Pro using Mainstage AND stereo L and R out of my iPad using Multitracks or Prime AND run a click track say on on the L channel of the headphone output. 
Reading the manual online it looks like I can hook up the Macbook Pro and the iPad simultaneously and route the outputs accordingly.
As a bonus feature it looks like I can hook up my Nektar P6 via the MIDI USB port to control Mainstage as well.
Is this correct?


  • You can definitely use the AUDIO2+ for running PRIME and PLAYBACK apps.
    The only way to connect a MIDI controller to the AUDIO2+ is via 5 PIN DIN MIDI. The USB-A port on the back is strictly for iOS devices.

    You can do all these things including the USB MIDI controller with the AUDIO4+ though.

    Video about quick setup for PRIME/PlAYBACK app setup: 
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