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Play Audio 12 Redundancy Issue

Hi all,

I hope this hasn't been covered before - please link me if so.

I've been using a PA12 live as part of an audio playback set-up for the last couple of years (I think I had pretty much the first unit in the UK!)

As time has gone on the playback has got more and more involved and the band now uses 9 output channels.

Now this is all fine on the primary source - I have an option of 14 audio outputs (10 TRS + Headphones + Internal failover channels I assume..)

I've just noticed however, that on the redundant machine, the audio side of the PA12 only shows up as an 8out interface..

This would mean (due to the way everything is routed) if the primary source was to fail, the click track to monitors would disappear, as the secondary mac doesn't have the 9th channel available as an output.. 

Am I doing something stupid..?? I was assuming all 10 audio outputs would be available on both machines.. Otherwise the PA12 is only an 8 channel output interface, not 10 as advertised..

Any help appreciated!

We have a month long tour starting October 2nd - would love to get this sorted and get the whole system rock-solid before then.

All the best,



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