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Windows only sees ICA4+ as one output


I am trying to select different analogue outputs in Windows and in some other applications.  

However when trying to select an audio output, Windows only sees "IconnectAudio4 D2", there's no option to choose different outputs.   This is the same in certain applications, but DAW software that uses ASIO (eg Ableton Live) does let me select all the outputs.

I am certain that in the past I was able to select different analogue outputs in Windows and non ASIO software.

Did something change in an update, or am I missing something  obvious?

Appreciat any help.


  • This is correct. Default applications on your windows will try and send to outputs 1-2 on the USB port. You could reroute the USB outputs to different Analog outputs if you wish with our iConfig software.
    The ASIO actually lets you properly chose. 
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