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Pre-Sales Question - MIDI over Ethernet Questions

I apologize if this is answered somewhere else.  Please kindly direct me to that resource as I haven't found an answer to my question directly.  Sometimes I fail at searching. :)

I've got a laptop running backing tracks and automation for MIDI devices.  My group and I have decided that the laptop should sit next to the mixer and we'll run MIDI over ethernet from FOH to the stage where I'll be able to control what's going on, either from an iPad, pedal, etc.  What I'm not sure of is what products I'll really need.

It seems that the simplest solution would be to get two MIO4's.  Run MIDI over USB from the laptop to the FOH MIO4, and then the MIO4 on stage would connect to whatever devices I have, either daisy chained or through the individual ins/outs.  I think I'll only need one "In" from the stage to go back to the laptop to control the flow of the song.

Is all that's needed two MIO4's plus cables?  Should I be considering other equipment/options?

Thank you!



  • It doesn't appear I can edit my comments.  What I realized after the fact is a MIO4 is a discontinued product.  So from the current crop of offerings, it would seem that the bare minimum required would be two mioXMs.  Is this correct?  Same questions as before.  What things should I be thinking about?
  • I messaged on the facebook users group but you have the correct idea with one mioXM on stage and one in the booth.
  • you need cat5e/cat6 cables from mioXM (stage), mioXM(FOH), Computer A, Computer B all to go into an unmanaged switch.
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