Mioxm compatible with Multimidi mpc (firmware 2.8)?


Akai Mpc has introduced a new multimidi feature in their mpc 2.8 firmware.
Is mioXm device port (type-b) compatible with a usb host port of the MPC with multi midi?
So we plug an MPC instead of a computer in the usb device port?
Is MioXm device port (type-B) class compliant?



  • Not sure what you want to do, since the mioXM will need software to be configured and if it's only a matter of getting the MPC into same midi network why not hook up the MPC your mioXM via din or it's USB HOST. 

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    hi, this what what I am talking about:


    You can now plug an usb class compliant midi hub interface to an mpc (like it was a computer) so you can fully control all you gear with seperate port for each. not being restricted by 16 channels with the classic din.

    so, is the usb device port of the mioxm class compliant? can we use it to plug the mpc live? so then we can access  all midi i/o of mioxm from the mpc in standalone mode ( without computer)
  • OK now I'm with you, well its says its class compliant on the spec sheet. BUT as the mioXM requires software to route the ports, as the ports isn't "hard wired" it means that you at least have to set up the routing via computer and then plugin in to the akai. If that works you could use the presets for calling up different configs without going back to the computer. 

    Another option would be to get a ESI M8U EX or M4U EX which is more like a dumb traditional MIDI hub, and is 100% class compiant. 
  • Thanks for your help. Great then. It is not an hurdle for me if first it has to be setup with the computer. 

    Actually my thought for my setup was:
    - akai mpc connected to usb device port(type-b)
    - computer connected to rtp-midi via lan ( i don’t care if there is any latency from computer)
    - all the others devices using din or usb (type-a)

    So computer can also be connected. That’s why I more interested in mioxm than ESI product.

    btw, do you know if the software to setup routing can be controlled by rtp-midi from lan with computer. It would nice ..

    Thanks again
  • Ok!

    - I would contact support and ask just to make sure it can connect to the Akai MPC one. 

    - RTP MIDI will work in theory and i haven't had any issues when testing. But i'v read people who had some issues with connection consistency. If it's due to the mioXM, Swtiches or their computers is do not know.

    Yes the Auracle for x-series software can connect via USB or RTP i'v tested both. 

  • The mioXM is USB class compliant. I don't have any experience on doing this with the MPC so I could not give you any details on it.
    A good idea might be to connect the mioXM with USB and then run ethernet over to your computer for routing if needed.
    Let me know if it works out.
  • FYI, I could test it and it is working fine. you can connect the type-b port to an akai MPC/force with multimidi. All the ports are available separately. very nice
  • It seems the force and MPCX can host our interfaces.
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