Windows 7 Options?

Recently purchased a Mio2 since it said it was compatible with Win7.
Apparently this is not the case for configuration it seems.

If i understand correctly, if I don't adjust the routings on the Mio2 then everything IN goes to everything OUT.
I just want to access DIN1 and DIN2 in a DAWless system with a Class Compliant MIDI Interface sans the fluff the Mio offers since I have that covered with other devices. I can do it with an M-Audio interface, but I find M-Audio hardware to be buggy and unreliable.

My search-fu on this forum is yielding me little data. Sorry.

- Is there a non configuration software way to achieve access from USB2 (computer/power connection) to individually DIN1 and DIN2? ie "make it work like a normal 'no fluff' 2x2 Class Compliant MIDI interface?"
- If iConfig is no longer available, does anyone else use Win7 and what do you do other than scream into the void?
- Barring the above, is there any other approach I can try other than returning the product and sitting forlorn in my basement eating Cheetos?


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