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Firmware request - less reboots after changing minor parameters please

Can iConnectivity please consider if it's possible to remove the need for a reboot of iCA4+ when making minor changes to parameters such as buffers? This is very frustrating when tweaking the unit - I cant recall any audio I/O device I've owned (and I've owned a lot) which requires a reboot for the multitude of "reboot required" parameters/preferences for iCA4+. This is another reason why I'm not currently using my iCA4+.


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    Thanks for the feedback on that @diggo.
    I will pass on your request to the dev team to see if they can do anything. For the most part, when you change menus nothing is really affected until you flash the change to the hardware's internal memory - that way if you close the app, the hardware still know what's going on and will also recall the parameter upon booting the next time. But they are always looking for ways to improve the experience, so I'll see what they say.

    Appreciate all your input throughout the forum,
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    Hi Josh,
    Then your dev team needs to understand the issues which really annoy users, and rebooting the device each time a parameter is changed is (to say the least) bad manners in 2015. Cripes, even in 1995 I could change buffers in my ISA Frontier Wave Center card without a restart. This has nothing to do with state saving, which is of course a given for the device. The issue is that state saving shouldn't require a restart of the device. It seems like a design flaw. Your engineers need to understand that a device built to connect multiple iDevices and/or a PC or Mac is ideal for live use at gigs, but not if the user gets stuck waiting for reboots when a parameter needs changing. Please add this request to the developer's user stories.
  • Understood. Appreciate you writing to us about it.
    Looks like it already has some backing by @haropus.

    I will make note for you and forward the feedback.
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