How to route Midi ?


Just bought this very nice iConnectAUDIO4+ interface and I'm fighting with it. I'm sorry to say that, but it is not at all user friendly.
I'm using iMac (USB1) with Logic Pro 10, an iPad (USB2), a control Keyboard Akai MPK49 connected to the Host USB jack and a modular synth connected on the Midi OUT Din.
Going through Logic, it works not so bad but I spent a lot of time for that.

Now I would like to play my modular with the Keyboard but stand alone without going through my iMac. It is supposed to work but noway. I can't find the right setup in the iConfig Midi Port routing Tab.

To be honest, I owned a lot of audio/midi interfaces and this is the first time that I meet so huge difficulty to setup it. I watched the videos on the Net but this remains unclear.
It is damage because the sound is very good, the preamp (Hi-Z and Mic) are very good.
As I wrote, the user guide is not well detailed for a so complex interface. It would be nice to also get localized languages like French ;-) As you can see English being not my native language.

So, if somebody can explain me how to setup the Midi routing, I'll really appreciate.
Just to summarize, I would like to get the following : MPK49 HST1 (port 1) -> Midi Din out (port 16) -> Modular
I don't want to change the MKP49 port# if possible.

Thx in advance for your help
Have a nice day



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    By default, without changing any iConfig settings - the host port MIDI will be routed to the other computer as well as the MIDI DIN Outs.

    Are you using a custom iConfig configuration?
    Have you checked the "HST" section of your ifconfig routing to ensure your routing is enabled? There is also a "master" routing section in the MIDI Info page where you can turn on and off inputs and outputs.

    If you are not using any special routing or filtering in iConfig, you can always revert to the default configuration via iConfig > Device > Restore.

    Let me know how I can assist further. Feel free to send any pictures/screen shots to jsandeen(at) if that will assist you better.

  • Hello,

    Thx for your answer.

    Yes, I tweak a bit the configuration to get familiar with it and see the possibilities but no success.
    I tried to reset the interface but nothing change. All my setup remains the same. I upgraded the interface manually using the "Device -> Reset to Boot Loader Mode" but once upgraded then reseted, the configuration is still the same. Nothing come back to the Factory setup.
    How to force it ? Your could be right and I have to come back to the Factory setup but I can't...
    I send you by e-mail some screen shoots.

    Have a nice day
  • @awazleon said: "Now I would like to play my modular with the Keyboard but stand alone without going through my iMac..."
    Do you mean without an iPad also? Because when using an iPad, you should do the routing there (in DAW'S like Cubasis or Beatmaker 2, etc.), like you do in Logic on your Mac.
  • Hello,
    Yes, I would like to play from my kbd to the modular going through the interface, HST1 to Din.
    Now my main issue is to come back to Factory setup. It doesn't want :-( Nothing change at all when I try to reset.
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    Maybe your iCA4+ has already the factory settings loaded? Sorry to intrude, but I'm interested in your setup, that is using the iCA4 without PC/Mac nor iPad. So where's the audio-output of your modular synth going to? To the iCA4-inputs 3 and/or 4 or directly to a 'stand alone' amplifier?
  • Something I used to do with audio Interface (I/F) is to listen directly from it. This avoid latency and no need to power On your computer. Most of the I/F can do that but this is internally wired. With I/F such iCA4+ I guess it is "logically" wired so I played with the audio mixer and the Sub Mix/Bussing. I selected under the "Analog : Lines Outs 1/2" one source A3:A3 (my synth is Mono going into input 3), Destination my Headset. This can be also any amplifier/consol... Obviously you need to use iConfig. And then I can forget my Mac, the sound goes from IN3 to Headset. Easy ;-)
    BTW, I was able to route the Midi HST1 to DIN and now I can play stand alone.

    Any clue concerning the way to attach picture in this forum ?
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    Thanks @awazleon - appreciate the screen shots. Ill email you back anything strange I see. See you know there are many ways to route MIDI and audio. Typically if you are using a DAW or iOS app to handle audio and MIDI tracks - you typically handle all the routing there, just make sure the audio patchbay actually has the right source and destinations (this is the basic part users will customize to fit their needs, especially if you always have the same things connected).

    By default, without changing any configurations in iConfig, you will have some basic MIDI and audio routing setup. This is configured for the most common setup a user may have with the interface - which is using it to record and monitor using a DAW or multi tracking iOS app. For example, by default the DIN Inputs and HST Inputs are routed to both computing devices, being ready to record with an iOS app or DAW on your Mac/PC. If you want to send an input that is attached to the interface to multiple places at one, iConfig would be the best place to do it. The more trips the audio or MIDI needs to take back and forth, the more potential latency you may have - especially when working with A/D and D/A audio conversions when using recording software.

    The audio mixer section does not really need to be touched unless you start getting into direct monitoring (using the interface standalone pr with other computers as your audio mixer). This section will also allow you to mix channels and then route them as needed, which is also awesome in a live situation. This may also be beneficial if you are using an application thats not necessarily setup for multitrack inputs, and only support a singe mono or stereo inputs (like quicktime screen capture, or even Skype). For example, you could take analog inputs 1,2,3,and 4 and make an internal iConfig mix of all instruments and then use that source as a live output or input source for your recording software.

    So as you can see there a many features within iConfig you may or may not use, that is why it can be a bit overwhelming at first. But we have it setup so you can pretty much route anything to anything instead having everything hardwired internally like many other interfaces in the same price range.

    Let me know how I can assist further.
    I'll respond to your email here shortly as well.

    Appreciate your patience in the meantime. We'll get you setup how you desire.
  • Hello,

    Many thx Mr. Sandeen for your clarifications. Step by step I'm becoming able to tame this I/F. It is really clever and as you said, you have so many ways to route Audio and Midi. I can now send the Midi data from HST1 to Din in "live" mode. Same for the Audio. That's perfect and sounds very well. See my post above.

    Last point : Why by reseting the I/F, nothing change ? It seems that my config is now the Factory config. Does it make sense ?
    Have a nice day
  • Taking the baton here, Pascal: please launch iConfig, go to the Device menu, and select Restore to Factory Defaults.

    It'll do just what you want.

    There's also the Restore Settings from Memory command, which transfers the current snapshot from iConnectAUDIO4+’s flash memory into iConfig. If you've reset the interface, the current snapshot should be the factory default; this command should put the software and interface in sync again.
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