iConfig for iOS Open Beta

We are soliciting more feedback for our iConfig for iOS application and thus are opening up a beta for users of iConnectAUDIO4+.

To apply for beta, complete the form at: http://www.iConnectivity.com/iOSiConfigBetaApplication


  • There are several (and maybe much more) iCAudio- and iCMidi-owners/users on the Audiobus-forum (https://forum.audiob.us/discussions); maybe a good idea to post this request there too?
  • Thanks, I've gone ahead and done just that.
  • I'm a novice re audio interfaces and will be using ICA4 only with iOS, no PC, at least for now (so just iPad plus external synth) - if you're interested in that kind of profile and testing from someone not familiar at all with iConfig from the desktop and will be iOS focused I'd be happy to help. I haven't done beta testing before. No worries if not what you need! Thought Id check on here first before completing the form
  • I have installed ICA4 4.03 (1161) Beta.
    Installation no problem, Testing in use, can I report here?
  • I don't think it's a good idea to post about the beta in the public forums. You should have access to the beta forums and need to post there or risk violating the NDA we agreed to when we signed up.
  • thanks, yes I have found the Beta-Forum
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