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Hello there, I have problems with the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol Keyboard working with Cubase (9.5 pro) and my IConn4+ caused by the MIDI-Channel "Komplet-Kontrol DAW - 1" (wich is a virtual midi-channel from BOMES - I think) which is used for navigating etc. in DAWs from the Kyeboard, as you know. Whenever this Channel is activated/used in Cubase or Komplete Kontrol, IConfig does not start and shows a Midi Channel Problem ("An unexpected error occured while trying to open a MIDI port, please restart ...."), Auracle wants to reset the/my MIDI-configuration. Any help or idea?  I can handle this problem (after a lot of tries and errors) by unuse this MIDI-DAW-Channel in Cubase and start then the IConn cinfig or Auracle - but that´s not comfortable in the workflow. with best regards Gunter from Germany


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  • Komplete Kontrol is a MIDI Keyboard and a (same named) software from Native Instruments - very use- and powerful. They work with a virtual Midi-Channel (coming from BOME), named "Komplete-Kontrol-DAW", which is uesd as a remote control channel for D…
  • Hello there, I´m still missing the channel panning function in Auracle. The channels are set to center (as to see in iconfig), so that the incoming-Signals (DAW, IPad) are all set to mono. Iconfig is still much better than Auracle. Iconfig a…
  • Solved. Works fine with the iConfig V 4-2-2 again. Firmware is still 1.1.0