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  • Strangely, connections from the iPad/app to the ICA4+ have become reliable again. As far as I can tell, I have not installed new versions of any relevant software. In fact I didn't do anything with the express purpose of solving the communication pr…
  • I get the same problem with iOS 10.3.3, ICA4+ firmware 1.1.2. iConnectivity iConfig (macOS) 4.2.6 works without any apparent problems. However, iConnectivity iConfig (iOS) 1.13 and iConfig for Audio (iOS) 4.2.7, are completely unusable. Whatever I d…
  • Thanks. I'm looking forward to it.
  • I agree with the assessment that the headphone amp lacks juice. I'm using an AKG K712 (62 ohms) and I have to move the headphone volume slider around very delicately in the upper fifth of its range. The maximum volume is loud enough, but barely so.
  • Yes, I think this is possible. I'm doing something similar with an iCA4+ and a mio4. Assuming they work more or less the same as your gear, here's how it may work: You need to connect the Midi4+'s host port (USB A jack) to the USB 1 port of the Midi…
  • Thanks for replying, Rodney. Here's what I've come up with Disconnect all stereo pairsPan everything hard leftOnly attach an analog output to the left mixer outIs that what you meant?
    in Mono mix? Comment by murmichel July 17