Does IOS 10 fix the bug of names of midi ports on ICA4+ ?



  • Again, crony, please file a support ticket. They will respond.

    I'd check this out for you myself, but I don't have an iConnectAUDIO4+ here. Any other one, just not that one. :)


    As an aside, I'm curious how you use your interface. Do you take it with you, do you have it connected all the time, if so to what computer(s) and MIDI instruments?

    Thanks in advance, this kind of feedback is very helpful.
  • Ok ticket has been created...

    To answer your questions, the sound card is connected with 2 ipad pro, with the cable you provide (to get power while using them)
    On the USB host, I have a hub with, atm 3 midi controllers.
    The midi din of ICA4+ is used to control my mininova.

    On the usb host, I have a midi interface to pilot an sfx (Voice Live Touch 2) , and this midi interface is also connected to an other midi interface, which is connected to a 3rd ipad pro.
    The 3rd iPad pro has also a usb hub, his sound card is a simple Voice Live Touch (first edition) connected with usb.
    Then this 3rd iPad is connected to the input 3/4 of my ICA4+.

    I'm thinking of a 4th ipad pro, connected thru bluetooth and connected thru usb to the Voice live touch 2, then connect the audio to input 1/2 of the ICA4+.

    Here a video of my latest setup:
  • Sorry in advance and a little OT here, but I don't want to read "I don't have an iConnectAUDIO4+ here" from @nickbatz anymore on this iConnectivity-forum in the iConnectAUDIO4+ category...
  • Crony, no you do not have to reset each time you plug in a device as long as you don't change your setup or midi port assignments. If you change things around, iOS or OS X for some reason will still recognize the original naming of a device even when it's no longer connected or in use. In order for either operating system to recognize any name,port or device changes, a reset for iOS or deletion on a mac's Audio midi setup utility is in order. Sometimes starting over and resetting the ica4 to factory defaults and resetting up your midi devices MAY be required as well. It's not the ica4 that's the problem, it's OS X and iOS.
  • Haropus, let me explain. It's not because of incompetence!

    I work with iConnectivity free-lance, part-time from Los Angeles. iConnectivity is in Calgary, Canada. (My role is mainly writing for the company, but I also keep an eye on the forum.)

    The NAMM Show was out here two weeks ago. You don't are about the details, but we ended up needing my iConnectAUDIO4+ at the show. It never made it back here, so I'm just waiting for a replacement.

    That's why I have one of every interface here except the iConnectAUDIO4+.

    (And I'm really diggin' spinXLR right now!)
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