screeching sound when connecting iPad via Ableton

Just purchased the iConnectAUDIO+2 interface and at this stage I am extremely disappointed. No response from iConnectivity's customer service after 24 hours since reporting this.

I have got the thing to work as a standard soundcard without any problem. I am running a MacBook Pro with Sierra (10.12) and Ableton 9 with an ipad running iOS 10.2. All firmware is up to date.

I have iconfig installed on both the ipad and the macbook pro.

The soundcard is detected by iconfig (on the ipad) and is set to the default configuration set up.

When in Ableton if I create a new audio track and enable input from 3/4 (which should be the ipad input) I get a split second of audio but then the whole soundcard crashes with a loud screeching sound. The only way to fix this is to unplug the USB cable and reconfigure.

Ideas anyone?


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