how to Midi Clock Sync

I use the ICA4+ with a Windows machine (running Plogue Bidule, a modular system like Max/MSP, hosting a structure of plugins) and an iPad (with various plugins running in Aum). Both Plogue Bidule and Aum can create a midi clock that all of their hosted plugins can use. Now I need to midi clock sync both machines so they share the same clock and run in time. One of the machines would create the clock and the other would be slave - which one is not so important as long as they are in sync.

I'm sure this should be possible but so far, I couldn't find information on this.



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    The interface will simply pass MIDI clock wherever you route it, Michael. Same MIDI Time Code, although it can filter it if you want it to.

    No doubt there are many other ways to do this, but the MIDI file player in Bidule (that magnificent program!) has an option to sync to external clock.
  • it doesn't work. I think it did at one point but now, no.
    The idea is to use Aum on the iPad as midi clock source. I set it to "send midi clock" and point it to ICA4 + DIN. Then I start Aum, it should create midi clock signals and send them to DIN. On my notebook, I open Bidule (my DAW of choice) and choose DIN from the available midi sources. And then ... DIN should produce a midi signal stream ... but nothing. What could be the reason?
    iPad is in channel1, Windows notebook in channel2.
    When I do the reverse thing - sending a notebook generated midi clock via DIN, it does not show up on the iPad.
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