Powered MIDI port on the iConnectAudio 4+ ?

I'm looking to get a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru devices, to route MIDI to multiple devices, and it is designed to get power from the MIDI in cable.

Here are the product details:  http://www.midisolutions.com/prodqth.htm

In checking the FAQ section of the MIDI Solutions product, it states the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI1, iConnectMIDI2+, iConnectMIDI4+, and mio devices are known to not provide MIDI power on the DIN jack.

So my question is:  Does the iConnectAudio 4+ provide MIDI power on the DIN jack?


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    That didn't sound right, so I just connected a bus-powered MIDI Merger to one of the DIN outs from an iConnectMIDI4+ to test it.

    It's getting power from the cable just as it's supposed to. That FAQ isn't right.

    Now, the iConnectMIDI1 is bus-powered itself, so it would make sense that you can't add another bus-powered device. But the rest of that makes no sense. By definition, MIDI is electric!

    I'd also suggest humbly that you check out the mio2, or two of them if you need four outs. A couple of them are about the same price as a bus-powered Thru box, and if they'll work for your setup, they can do your routing and a whole heck of a lot more.

    This is about the iConnectMIDI2+ rather than the mio2 but it makes the point:

  • Thanks for the reply Nick.  Not sure what's up with their FAQ, but it wouldn't make sense to me that a MIDI specific controller box wouldn't provide power down the MIDI bus either.  I also sent an email to their support box, so I'll see what they have to say.  I appreciate your test, but I can't help but wonder if the Quadra Thru box may be different some how than the merge box you tested with. 

    And what did you mean "This is about the iConnectMIDI2+ rather than the mio2"?  Any chance you have an iConnectAudio4+ sitting there you could test MIDI bus power on?  I don't have anything here which would run off MIDI power to test with myself. 

    Thanks also for the MIO2 recommendation, but that wouldn't work for this. I need something to strap on the underside of my pedal board to go between the iCA4+ and 4 guitar pedals.  I already have a Looptimus connected to the host jack, so would also need to add a USB hub for the MIOs to connect.

    To use MIO2, I would need 2 of them ($70 each, so $140) vs. one Quadra Thru ($49).  Not sure what you meant by stating two MIO2 boxes would be about the same cost as one Quadra Thru box?

    Also the MIO2 is very large (8.43" x 5.51" x 1.46") compared to the Quarda (4-3/16" x 2-3/16" x 1-3/32").  Not sure I could even fit two of these on the underside of my pedal board, and I have a really large pedal board! 

    Then there's the weight.  a single Quadra weighs 4.3oz (1/4 lb) while 2 MIO2 boxes would weigh 4.26 lbs!  Even if I could fit them on the underside, there's no way I'm adding another 4.26 lbs to an already very heavy board LOL

    Does iConnectivity offer a product designed to just split a MIDI signal out, like the Quadra Thru box?  Some of these effect pedals only have one MIDI port, so daisy chaining isn't an option with all of them.  And even when daisy chaining is possible, sometimes the lag produced by doing so is just enough to cause timing issues when performing.  Not usually a big deal for most applications, but with a guitarist, you want all of the pedals to switch at the same instant when you press on a button.
  • Yes, the iConnectAUDIO4+ also powers that merge box. There's no reason a splitter wouldn't work if this box does.

    [quote] And what did you mean "This is about the iConnectMIDI2+ rather than the mio2"?  [/quote]

    I meant that the link to the blog post about the benefits of our interfaces over similarly priced single-function boxes is about the iConnectMIDI2+, when I'm suggesting two mio2s for your application. The mio2's estimated street price is $35, so it's $70 (not $140!).

    We don't make single-function MIDI processing boxes. As that blog post says, our $35 interface does a million more things for less money.
  • Gotcha.  I missed the blog post link earlier. 

    Are you sure you're not confusing the prices of the MIO with the MIO2?  The MIO is available in the $35 range, but the only places I can find the MIO2 is Sweetwater and Amazon, and it's $69 in both places. 

    Where are you seeing them for $35?

    Either way, it's too big to work for me, but I appreciate the info.   
  • Did you ever figure this out?  I found today that my iConnectMIDI4+ does not provide enough power for my Quadra Thru.  Trying to figure out alternatives
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    StirHouse said:
    Did you ever figure this out?  I found today that my iConnectMIDI4+ does not provide enough power for my Quadra Thru.  Trying to figure out alternatives
    I have my iConnectAudio4+ connected to a Midi Solutions T8 via a cheap-o Intelligent Solutions Midibox 4x4 USB midi device via the host port, which does the trick. Can confirm that my iCA4+ does not power it on the DIN.

    They should only be about $30 and look like this

    New Hot 4 In 4 Out Merge 64 Channel Converter 4x4 Midi Box - Buy

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    I ran across this thread last night which confirmed my issue with powering a Quadra Thru. I found that using a midi splitter cable worked well for my needs. These can also have issues with certain pieces of gear but 95% of the time they work out ok.

  • I'll hopefully help figure this out for you all.
    The following products provide 5V over DIN MIDI
    iConnectAUDIO4+ hardware version 2.0
    iConnectMIDI4+ hardware version 2.0
    iConnectMIDI2 hardware version 3.0

    If you look in our (iConfig or Auracle X) software you can check the hardware versions.
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