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Hi all,

I just realised that I've been posting on this forum for a couple of weeks now but never introduced myself, so here goes...

I'm Rodney Orpheus, the new VP of Product for iConnectivity. I'm the guy that now oversees all of our hardware & software development and support issues. I've been in the music tech business for many years - I've worked for companies like Steinberg and PreSonus before. I've also had a career as a professional touring and recording musician and I still try to play the odd gig in between doing this stuff :-)

One of the things you might have noticed is more frequent updates coming from iConnectivity recently. That's something we want to continue doing, though as a small company we don't have the QA and testing resources of some of our bigger competitors. That's why we've just launched a Public Beta program, so if you guys want to take the risk of being on the bleeding edge and help us get things fixed faster, you have that choice now. You'll also see more detailed patch notes available so you can see directly what's being fixed and any known issues that we still have.

We've also been upgrading our Support quite a bit. We've recently switched to a new support ticketing system that should help us (and you) track problems better and respond faster. We've also added a new member of staff: Bob Malkowski, who will be handling support out of our European office. You'll hopefully see him posting on this forum from next week, so please give him a warm welcome :-)

And on the subject of upgraded software, we've just released a new Windows driver! We've tested this quite a bit in the past couple of weeks internally and it feels pretty slick, so if you're a Windows user we definitely recommend you grab that right away. We're also hoping to release a version of iConfig later today - your feedback on that will be greatly appreciated!

As regards future plans: currently in the works are some new firmware updates and even an updated version of iConfig for iOS! Hopefully I'll have some more news on that in the next couple of weeks. Long-term we've started on a completely rewritten version of iConfig, but don't expect that until after the summer, it's a BIG job...

That's it for now. Thanks for being with us - we really appreciate you guys!



  • Thank you and welcome, Rodney. Good intentions and plans also! 
  • Hi Rodney - 
    Thanks, and glad to meet you, looking forward to great things!
  • Thanks , I have the Audio 4 + running win 10 on an i7 with 16 meg of ram and am finding lots of problems with the Iconfig software.        1) With the Mixer,unless you expand  all the tabs out they  overlap with other tabs and cant be clearly read.. encoders  that dont seem to fall  within any tab clearly..even when you do this it defualts back to the condenced version next time. If the tabs and heading can only be clearly seen when expanded then the alternative should not exist unless you specifically request it . The whole U1:1/U1;2  AM1 thing is awful, hard to read and hard on the head and the eyes.   2) Iconfig will not run concurrently in either DAW or Standalone instrument mode. Which makes it terrible hard to tinker with adjustments...well you cant.. it becomes a laborious chore, closing your instrument or Daw down , restarting Iconfig...waiting almost a minute for it to open the inconfig, then guessing at settings just so you can close it all down, reopen your audio instrument ..find its wrong and start again.  Its worse when you are trying out different presets because that doubles the opening and closing and wait times.  I am sure it should not be like this...but in the 6 months I have had it and various upgrades its still like this.  You also have no idea which preset you are using becuase it doesnt show in inconfig you have to remember or just keep guesing and hoping.  This is a Rolls Royce interface with a puddle of mod software implementation.   I know its tough and you are short handed but the dichotomy removes the beauty of the interface itself.  3) whenever I upgrade or the unit looses power ,  the settings  change in the mixer and I have to locate and readjust sliders and directions.     4) I also hate the routing Matrix , sure I struggle with the concepts in general but I find no solace it that mesmerising layout..really things need to be colour coded in the least.   Not meant to be a bitch but  i love this thing and stagger at the chalk and cheese of the full experience.  Rock on, regs Martin                        
  • I completely agree with pretty much all of these criticisms. We are already working on fixing most of them, but I know that's still not as quick as any of us would ideally like. 
  • nice! the mio2 is the best midi interface, imho, and reading this post just made it even better!  thank you!
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