How to update an interface stuck in Bootloader mode.

Hey everyone, Bob here from iConnectivity tech support.

We've had quite a few support tickets this last week from people who have attempted to update the firmware on their interfaces, only to find it stuck in bootloader mode, and unable to connect to iConfig.

The most recent revisions of iConfig have made updating firmware much easier than before, however occasionally, a communication error can occur during firmware updates, which render the interface unable to communicate with iConfig. You'll know this has happened, because you'll get an irritating 'communication error' message pop up. Grrrrr!

In this situation, the best approach is to upload the firmware the 'old school' approach via a MIDI dump.
My collegue, Travis, made a very helpful video showing you exactly how to do this, which I've posted below. 
This has worked, so far 100% for anyone who's interface has become stuck in bootloader mode


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