New firmware for all iConnectivity interfaces

We have just released new firmware for almost all our interfaces. These firmwares contain some small bug fixes and improvements and are recommended for all users - please see the individual Release Notes for details.

Users of interfaces with Ethernet ports (i.e. mio4, mio10, MIDI4+, and PA12) will find these give greatly improved and easier access to using RTP-MIDI over Ethernet - check it out, it's amazing!

To install firmware with Auracle:
  1. Download the correct firmware for your interface from
  2. Select your interface in the opening screen
  3. Go to Device Info
  4. Click on the folder icon at the bottom right corner
  5. Load the firmware you downloaded and it should be automatically transferred to your interface (note that Auracle may restart after this process is done)
iConfig users can use the automatic firmware updater built into that software (this functionality is planned to be added to Auracle next month if all goes well)
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