New Blog! A Musician's Guide to Using Backing Tracks

Our latest iConnectivity Blog covers the hot-topic of using backing tracks in a live environment.
With integration of playback into live-shows becoming ever more the norm, we felt it was high-time we wrote our own take on "Playback 101".

Let us know what you think!



  • Great article, I wish I read it earlier. We do send bass separately to the bass amp that brings real bassist presence, but never tried separating the kick. 

    BTW, are there any updates on backing tracks software for iOS? I tried the listed ones but there are some usability issues which make me search for better apps. Any advice? Thanks!

  • iOS backing tracks are a bit limited for apps.
    I have PRIME by Loopcommunity - It's church based thing but you can upload your own tracks through their system into the cloud. It offers cool options like MIDI out and crossfader between tracks. Also you can change tempo and key even on the fly.
    Playback - Similar vibe but done by Mutlitracks. They have some more integrations for charts and rehearsals, all kinds of stuff.
    Multitracker - Haven't used it much but I know many people use it.
    Then there are DAWs like Aria, Cubasis, etc..
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