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Mio10 - Multiclient and multiple clock routings

edited September 2018 in MIDI
Hey guys. Got a mio10 waiting for me at the local music store, but I want to confirm a few things before purchasing as its not very easy to find info on this:

1) I only see this older stickied post here about multiclient midi drivers being introduced for other mio models with fewer ports. Can someone please confirm that this is indeed fully supported for the mio10? This is one of the main reasons why I´m upgrading to the mio10, for the purpose of using in-daw hardware synth editors/librarians without needing to use cumbersome workarounds.

2) I need to be able to send midi clock to multiple midi ports for syncing purposes (and some daw´s only support one midi clock port, which is lame). I know that this should be doable through the iconfig software through some routing magic, but can someone please confirm this as well?

3) Even better, is this now also doable in Auracle or is it still «dumbed down»? I dont feel entirely comfortable getting a rather expensive interface that has all these powerful functions that need old, no longer supported control software to do what I want to achieve. I case its not possible; is this in the roadmap, and if iconfig somehow wont work after a win10 update or something, can I count on this being remedied though iconfig being updated as needed (this obviously is directed at you iconnectivity guys, not the «common folk»)? To be honest I feel that «abandoning» software that unlocks the (touted) full functionality of complex midi interfaces isnt a great idea. Especially if said functions wont be included in the newer software at some later point. Many of us have bad experiences with companies stopping development of software or drivers, which means that sooner or later things will stop working correctly.

That said, looking forward to getting the mio10 in my rack if it works like I need it to work, as my current 4x4 interface isnt really getting the job done with all these new synths I seem to be getting all the time :wink:


  • Yes, all this is possible. I don't know what stickied post you refer to about multiclient drivers just for other interfaces, but as of the past few months all of our interfaces now use the same multiclient Windows Unified Driver.
  • Yes, all this is possible. I don't know what stickied post you refer to about multiclient drivers just for other interfaces, but as of the past few months all of our interfaces now use the same multiclient Windows Unified Driver.
    Hi Rodney. Thanks for the prompt reply. I am referring to this thread: which is sort of «stickied» since its an announcement.

    Glad to have these matters confirmed. I am still a bit worried that the iconfig software is «end of life». I mean, I realize that many users may appreciate that you develop a more user friendly software for them, although I do not agreed that the majority of buyers (95%) of the mio10 want to have a «light version» of the software. The mio10 is described as having: «Onboard processing, filtering, merging, and routing means you can leave your extra hardware in the closet.» which is what caught my attention in the first place. I just dont get why you didnt merely build upon the already existing features of the software, adding some «wizard» functions for those who dont need advanced features.

    After having browsed the forums a bit more I see that you dont want to promise things that might not be implemented in Auracle, which I do understand, however like stated in my original post I feel a bit uneasy when these features suddenly seem secondary, to please less advanced customers. I am probably fine with using iconfig, but would like an assurance that this software wont be left for dead IF at some point it wont work with a given Windows version or update. I´m planning to use the mio10 for years to come.

    I´m not trying to be negative here, but try to see it from my (and others) point of view. Although there ARE a few other multiclient alternatives out there I will probably get the mio10 over the weekend anyhow, but for once I am in a position to voice my concerns before actually purchasing something.

  • That post you were looking at is from a year ago. We have released multiple updates since then. We normally release updated driver or control software every month or so - we are pretty aggressive with that.

    Yes, we know Auracle doesn't yet support some of the advanced MIDI features of the interface that iConfig does, but see the previous paragraph. That stuff will come, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • Ok. Thanks Rodney. I am happy to hear that. Looking forward to getting the unit. Have a nice day man.
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