Tutorial: Using iPad as an external FX processor in Pro Tools

Hopefully this helps someone out. And to add.. if anyone in this community can add tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated. (or if iConnectivity would, that would be awesome as well!)

In this example I'm using the RE-1 Tape Echo iPad app, but this also worked fine with all of my other FX apps.

Here's how I did it.

1. In Pro Tools I/O setup create a new send output called iPad and set the outputs as 3/4 (see screenshot)

2. In Pro Tools add a send to any track you want to run through the iPad FX and choose "iPad" as the send destination (in the screenshot, I have 3 tracks sending to the iPad)

3. Create a new audio (or aux track) in Pro Tools (I named mine "iPad In" and set the input to 5/6 - this track will bring your sound back from the iPad with whatever effects you have. (see screenshot)


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