USB-C compatibility and new iPad Pro

We now have a new iPad Pro in our workshop and have been testing it. Preliminary tests show it works flawlessly with iConnectivity interfaces using a standard USB-C OTG adapter. We will test more in the next days going forward, but so far so good :-)

Detailed info at this updated Knowledge Base article:


  • Can we expect a iConnectivity USB Type B to USB-C inline cable from you soon?
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    No, you don't need any special cable. Any standard USB-C OTG hub with Power Delivery should work fine. See this article for details. See the article linked above for details.
  • Thank you Rodney,
    This is for use with the brand new 2018 iPad Pro.

    Currently iConnectMIDI/AUDIO comes with USB Type B to Apple Lightning inline cable. Would you soon have available USB Type B to USB-C Cable? 

    Can you recommend a Hub or Adapter that worked with your testing?

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    I know we have tested this one and it works perfectly. But USB-C OTG is a well-established standard now, so we assume that pretty much anything conforming to that standard should work fine. Just check that it has OTG (On The Go) and PD (Power Delivery) functionality and you should be good.
  • Thanks Rodney,

    I am about to buy iConnetAUDIO4+ for the Christmas, can you tell me what Cable I will be paying for in the shipped box?

    Josh_iConnetivity made it very clear in the below link that iConnectivity Cable is a Special Cable.

    This is very important to help me make my decision.

  • Your AUDIO4+ will come with a standard USB-A to B cable, and a special USB-Lightning cable.
  • Hello! I tried using the second port on my iconnectaudio2+ , the interface powers up but there’s no sound output. When I use the first port with an external power supply everything is fine. Is it possible to power the interface and send audio to my speakers with the usb c iPad?
  • Are you using an OTG cable?
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    Are you using an OTG cable?
    Ok i fixed it. It was a routing issue i had to change it to usb 1. Everything works great now!
  • If I'm understanding correctly, owners of a USB-C iPad (Pro, etc.) will not be able to power their iPad from their iConnectivity device using just a cable as was possible with lightning iPads -- but will need a hub with power delivery in order to do so. Is that right, @rodney_iConnectivity?
  • Yes that's correct.
  • Thanks, @rodney_iConnectivity. Looks like this applies to all iOS interfaces from what I've read.
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    With tne new ipad and my iConnectMIDI2+, can i use a simply adaptor (lightning -> USB-C) like this  with the  iConnectivity USB Type B to lightning ?

  • No, you MUST use an OTG cable as described above. You cannot use an adapter and a Lightning cable.
  • Rather expensive! One otg usb c hub + usb c charger with enough power+ usb c charging cable + usb b to usb a cable! This costs as mucht as the icm2+ !
  • Btw, love my icm2, but when i want to use my iPad pro 3 in my studio setup I want to simply connect it with just one cable and not fiddel with chargers,cables... and use the iPad charger / cable when on the go.
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    I agree with some of the others, I would actually rather have a sole iConnectivity USB-C cable directly from the iConnectivity device straight into the new iPad Pro. Needing to use one OTG USB-C Hub + USB-C charger with enough power+ USB-C charging cable + USB-B to USB-A cable is not only expensive, but it clutters my studio table, not to mention needing to have an extra power supply extension behind the studio desk, etc etc.

    Like the guy above me, I really do not want to be fiddling with more chargers, hubs and cables. It really makes the studio desk a total mess, especially if any of those cables are not long or short enough for whatever purpose.

    I would really much rather just have a simple iConnectivity USB-C cable, and presto, that's all!

    Besides, it seems USB-C, in terms of data and charging, is going to be a standard for a long while more to come. I think iConnectivity would definitely benefit from manufacturing it's own USB-C cables for its own products.
  • Also, I'm using a MIDI2+, and the 30-pin inline cable that came in the box with it. This is fine for an old iPad, but I cannot seem to find any OTG hub out there that converts 30-pin to USB-C for the 2019 iPad Pro.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.
  • You'll need to ask directly for support - this forum is abandoned AFAIK
  • Any chance there will be support for non-OTG usb hubs? OTG didn't quit turn out to become the industry standard and they're not easy to find if you need enough ports + charging.
    So far my experience with the Hyper 9-1 USB-C hub on an iPad Pro 2018 is that the audiointerface works without problems, but iConfig doesn't work.
  • It's great that it works! I wonder, hypothetically, would the direct support of USB-C (instead of lighting for example) bring any benefits besides of charging the iPad? Like less latency, or higher frequency/bitrate, more channels etc. Thanks! sorry if I miss something obvious. 
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