Midi Redundancy & Filtering

I have two cymatic audio utrack24's used as a redundant playback rig.

Currently, I have midi messages generated from one of the cymatic audio utrack 24s.

I wish to duplicate this so both device output identical midi messages and then use a device to filter the messages so my downstream devices only see one midi message. 

My concern is latency and the device seeing duplicate midi messages moments after each other.

Is anyone able to recommend if a particular iconnectivitiy device is capable or being programmed to do this or should I just plug them both in and not bother filtering etc?


  • I'm looking for a solution to the exact same problem. Is there anyone who knows what is needed to complete this task?
  • I know MANY people using the mioXM or mioXL to connect to 2 computers and are just sending the messages from both. 
    If you think about it, even if once message comes slightly delayed it's still the same message. Program change 3 will just send it to the same program. 
    From what I've seen they seem to not have problems though.
    I usually send from both computers via Network/RTP MIDI to the mioXM or XL and then all the gear is connected to that.

    Option 2
    Have modified MIDI routings so only one computer outputs at a time based on Presets. Preset one has input to both but output only from Computer A. Preset 2 inputs to both but only has output to Computer B.
    There are multiple ways to change the preset. 
    - Preset selector port over USB DAW port, send a program change to get to presets. We also have a BETA app to change the Preset selector port to any physical port. So you could have a controller in the host port and change the Preset with a CC value even. If you are interested in this let me know.
    - Touch panel on the front of the interface.
    - Auracle X software. Preset Page. Load Preset dropdown.

  • Also I've seen a few people buy a PlayAUDIO12 just for the MIDI switching options without using the audio side.
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