iConfig is now Open Source!

If you are signed up to the iConnectivity mailing list, you might already have seen this announcement: as of today iConfig is Open Source! This is something we have been wanting and planning for a while, so we're really happy to finally make it happen :-)

Here's the official announcement and link to the source code:


Here at iConnectivity we are big fans of the Free & Open Source Software movement, and in fact we use several Open Source libraries as part of our Auracle and iConfig software. So in the spirit of sharing that the Free Software movement epitomizes, we have decided to give back to the community by making the entire codebase of our iConfig software completely Open. As of today the iConfig code can be accessed at our new public repository at GitHub:

The source code is being released under the GNU General Public License 3, which means that is it open for anyone to freely download and hack as they will. So if you are a coder and there’s something you have always wanted to add to iConfig, please go ahead with our blessing! All that we ask is that you also give back your contribution to the community as well. In that way everyone benefits
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