App Store: iConnectivity [iConfig for Audio] Dead Too?

Since the app was free I gave this a shot. In all honesty, its a lot easier to look at then the desktop version. It has all the functionality needed - its got the RATING of 1/ONE star for good reasons.  so...

What are the chances this will receive - (sorry going to use the word here...) an update?  I'm running the latest of course, 4.2.7. It was updated a year ago.

The connectivity issue is - well - an issue. I wouldn't depend on it but its nice its there. It takes me a few tries sometimes and it finally gets connected. Not really used it, getting connected was a triumph. I'm hopeful it works and saves stores presets - I dunno.

Thanks in advance...



  • decided to revisit - the answer is yes due to the no response
  • Sorry this was missed a while ago. 
    iConfig and iConfig for AUDIO is not supported anymore. 

    The only iOS app still working correctly is NetMIDI - for RTP connection.

    Changes in Apple's iOS11 versions first started issues and we had moved to a new software creation by then so the developer of iConfig was gone.

    We are working to make Auracle for X Series into the Auracle 2 version and it's coming along well. Once we have the new desktop software working great we will look at going to iOS. We recommend to make your modifications on a computer then save to the interface. 

    Our interfaces still work with all the iOS app outside of our own. 
    Also the reason we keep the app in the store is because some users with older iOs versions and gear still have it working.
  • I have seen that iconfig is no longer supported. I also know that the current Auracle won't allow custom audio routing. I sure the midi routing is also missing. Thus, iConfig is all I have...

    As for the iOS, i look forward to seeing further development to the app.
  • I config is working fine here in a 8th gen iPad iOS 14. It actually connects reliably. My old air 1 w iOS 12 would require a few tries b4 connecting but ios14 seems to connect every time. Whoda thunk?
    I was worried that it wouldn't work but am pleasantly surprised:-) 
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