iConnect MIDI4+ no longer charges iPad Air 2

Hi - I am using an iPad Air 2 with an iConnect MIDI4+ and I've found that it no longer charges the iPad. I suspect that it has something to do with an iOS update enabling the lightning port to accommodate lightning port earphones.
(Everything else works fine but I do have to engage the audio jack with a cable to hear anything as it won't use the iPad speakers anymore).

Anyway sorry if this has been covered already - I had a quick flick through the forum but didn't see a discussion addressing this.
It would be nice to have the iPad charging again while routing MIDI.



  • Have a similar problem - the MIDI4+ doesn't seem to charge an iPad Pro M2 that is connected via a USB-B<->USC-C cable either when connecting it to any USB port (e.g. the two front ports that are meant for phones and tablets). Is this supposed to work?
    I am using the original 12V 3A power supply.
  • Ok, apparently the iPad Pro (and other USB-C) iPads are another case than the OP's iPad Air 2 with lightning port. Apparently the new iPads need a USB-C Power Delivery compatible charging counterpart and don't accept the old standard usb 5v charging protocol - so iConnectMidi4+ cannot charge the new iPads, it needs a power delivery compatible in-between hub. Even more boxes cables and power supplies...

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