Having to restart mio10 often

Often I have to restart the device in order for Ableton to recognize it and start sending midi.
I have to restart the device and then Ableton which can be quite frustrating. Is there anything I can do to avoid that?


  • I've got the similar issue with Logic Pro X (10.15.1): Whenever I send out MIDI-data from Logic (be it notes or tempo) mio10 stops responding after a while (15-30 min). If this happens mio10 won't be found by the software (iConfig, Auracle, Auracle for X-Series) and the only thing I can do is to switch mio10 off and on again. I used different USB cables, connected mio10 directly to the host-computer (without going through usb-hub) -> all the same.

    If i use mio10 without Logic (meaning no MIDI data gets sent from Logic to mio10) I have no issues at all end everything run's smooth and stable.

    I wrote iConnectivity support today, if I get an answer I'll post it here as well...
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    I was in close contact with iConnectivity for this issue and they are very helpful trying to resolve the issue. The root cause for the freezing mio10 is not 100% found, but it seems that at least in my case it has something to do with the Ethernet connection and macOS (10.14.6) not liking it.
    I therefore disconnected the ethernet cable going out of mio physically and had no more freezes since. @phero: May that helps in your case as well...
  • @phero
    How are you connected to the computer? Ethernet/Network OR USB?
    The device should not be disconnecting on you.

    Is there a time frame in which it normally happens?
    Does it only disconnect from Ableton or does it show disconnected from all softwares including AuracleX and iConfig and MIDI Studio (Mac)?
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