Mio XL DAW only sees 8 DIN / HST Ports

First off, just like to say hi to everybody.
Like the title says my DAWs only see DIN 1 through 8 in and out and 8 HST ports (1 through 7 and Preset Select) 
However, Outs 9 through 12 are nowhere to be seen on either DAW, nor can I see a way to rename them in Auracle for X
I haven’t had a chance to check Network Ports yet.

Hardware seems fine, I recorded some quick MIDI tracks, sent a few banks of sysex to a couple of Romplers, mapping and routing all seems fine

I’m running a Win 10 pro desktop with an i7 2600 cpu 16 gigs RAM and an RME Babyface for audio.
Cubase 7.5 and Reaper 5.99

Thanks in advance for any assistance 


  • Nobody?? 
    Ya see, this box says 8 in 12 out DIN ports and 10 USB ports but all I see 8 DIN outs and 7 USB ports (8 including Preset Select)
     Is this normal behaviour or do I have a faulty unit? 
    Is there some clever routing that I should be doing, or a setting that I missed.?
     Did I manage to pooch the unit somehow?
     Anybody ?

  • Not sure if you have solved this.. I'm new here, but it just occurred to me earlier that I was thinking... "Why does Auracle only see 8 DINs?" - and then I realised, I had to click on 'OUTPUTS' ... #TrapsForYoungPlayers
  • Thanks for getting back, but my issue isn’t that Auracle can’t see 12 DIN outs, but that my DAW doesn’t see 12 DIN outs on the USB bus. You’re limited to 8 In / 8 Out DIN and 8 USB Devices if you connect to your computer via USB, but you get access to all 22 ports via RTP midi, but unfortunately for me it’s quite the rigamorole getting this thing to work on the network.
    Btw, I’m 61 years old and been playing keys / using midi since the late 80’s, but mostly on MOTU MTPAVs and XTs, which is why I was taken by surprise by the 6 missing ports in my DAW.  If there’s a #TrapsForOldGeezers let me know
  • Hey Robb, yep... similar boat here, I've had my MOTU Express XT since the late 90s and a Unitor8 prior to that... and I'm no spring chicken either ;) .. Young-players was referring to the amount of time I've owned the mioXL - 3rd day now, still a novice :D

    I see, what you mean in regard to physical ports... that too was also something that puzzled me, but then I noticed the additional ports seem to be labelled only as 'OUTS' and then they're accessible via Auracle, so from what I could take away from this is that the additional 4-ports are most likely additional 'route' destinations.  So for example, you could 'route' MIDI port 7 over to 9, 10 & 11 and then it's up to you to configure the channels on those connected devices to only receive certain channels.

    But, again, I'm not even a week in.. I haven't had enough time to prove or disprove that theory, that's just what I presumed.

  • Ya, for sure you can assign outs 9 thru 12 to any of the 1 thru 8 ports, but I’ve got too much stuff dude!! 1 to 8 are full of Romplers, a CX-3, a mimimoog reissue  and sub37, etc. Also have a couple of Boomstars on DIN 9 and 10. The XL won’t let me send midi data to the boomstars in Cubase, those outs don’t even appear in ”Studio Setup” 
  • Sorry for the delayed answer here.
    If you are connected with USB you get 16 MIDI ports, with 16 channels each.
    Because of the number of ports on the mioXL we could not fit all 22 physical ports into the 16 port limit.
    We did DIN1-8, HST1-7 and preset selector takes #16 port.

    You can take away HST7 and rename it DIN 9 and change the routing if you wish. It is fully customizable.
    You could then even group HST6 and HST7 and separate by channel. 

    The better option is to use RTP MIDI and connect the ports 9-12 through RTP.

    Check out this spreadsheet that shows all the default routing for the XM and XL. This will help you to connect the right RTP ports so the default routing matches up and you won't need to do any extra work.
  • Thanks, I tried what you mentioned, (re-routing DIN 9 to an unused HST port, couldn’t figure it out to save my life).
      My first thought was to use the network, but no go. Not sure where it says so, but I saw somewhere to hook up a Network cable OR a USB cable to set up Auracle.
      This doesn’t work on my network card, the XL is invisible to my computer. For some reason if I hook up to the Internet with a network switch all is good, but since I don’t want my studio computer online there is a whole lotta plugging and unplugging of network cables, too much work for this old man. 
      Appreciate the heads up, but this thing has caused me so much grief I flip a coin every few days to figure out whether to persevere or take the loss and buy an Express XT
  • btw, the network adapter on my computer is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
  • Make the following changes
    Rename the port HST7 under USB DAW in left column.
    On right side remove the HST7 routing 
    Click on DIN and add DIN9.

  • Thanks, but according to the last image you posted, both source and destination are  DIN 9, simply renaming a port isn’t going to change it’s routing, ie: if I change it’s name to “Mel’s Diner” I’m pretty sure it won’t make me breakfast. I’m not going to waste any more of your time over this, I was just looking for an alternative to USB MIDI (some of my stuff is kind of techno-ish and needs a fair bit of fixing), but the unit is for sale.
  • On the last pic I updated the name of HST7 to DIN9 so that your computer can recognize the name DIN9 instead of looking for HST7 on your comp to send to DIN9.
  • Thanks tsho08, just got the unit back and rerouted din 9 according to your instructions, worked like a charm. Must be an Apple thing, ‘cuz it still doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks again and sorry for being confused. 
  • Hi, guys thanks for this as I had the same question. Can I ask the next step, how do I get the renamed HST7 to be renamed in Audio Midi Setup (Mac OS 10.15.6)? I have followed your other tutorials and all my other ports are named correctly but it doesn't transfer HST7 (now renamed ELEKTRON M:S). In. general I know how to do this and as I say all other DIN ports are named correctly in Midi setup after following the tutorial. Is it because its a HST/DAW port? Thanks for your time. The Auracle software is up to date and the unit is the MIO XL
  • In order for a name to show up in on a computer connect with USB-B DAW port you must rename the port under the USB-B DAW.
    So look for HST7 under the USB DAW port in the left column.
    Note: You can collapse the port sections in the left column. This might help you find the port you are looking for easier.

    After you name the correct port you can follow the video above in this thread and you should get it to show.
  • Just wanted to say thanks to tsho08 - I was running into this exact issue and the screenshots in this post + video worked perfectly - cheers!
  • Using the DAW USB connection, only DIN 1 to 8 and only HST (USB) ports 1 to 7 show up in audio MIDI setup (and in your DAW). It seems the only way to use all those ports independently is via RTP network MIDI, which has 22 ports that you can assign to each of the 12 DIN and 10 USB (HST) ports.

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