AURACLE: Copy, Paste, all=ON, all=OFF ?

So, I'm an old MOTU Express XT owner, but new mioXL owner.. and clicking on 64 channels x 10+ ports can where your clicker down to the bone.. but I did notice a 'Copy' + 'Paste' pop-up when I 'Right-Click' (Mac OS) ... so, I tried to copy and then paste to another channel... = FAIL.  So, is there a way I can duplicate my settings, say for example.. my configuration on DIN1 to DIN 4, or 5 etc ?  ..or possibly even USB4 ???


  • We are working on getting a new Auracle for X Series version out soon so you don't have to click on each new routing and then open the box to add a routing each time. This should help out. There isn't a copy and paste for routings on different ports, though it is an interesting idea.
    The copy and paste on right click needed to be added because the copy and paste didn't want to work initially in the RTP section.
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    Yes, I noticed the Copy or Paste tag that pops up does nothing... and I have a configuration of devices where I like to mute out everything except 'notes', on most occasions.. so, having to mute everything except MIDI notes on all channels kinda warrants me to ALSO wish for an 'invert' feature, where one could click only those 'blocks' they want to mute and then 'invert' the selection.  That would save me about 30 minutes.

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