iConnectAudio2+ touch screen panel / mute phones

I can mute all channles out via dlb-push on the knob and it mutes to my speakers. I often use just headphones with my work.

1: with the speakers muted, even with dlb-push, ostensibly with the phones led blinking it should be muted. It does not. Why not?
2: With my speakers hot, how can I mute the phones by using the front touch-panel / knob, short of ruducing the level of the phones-which is a spin-for-ever action, OR, jump into iconfig and click/mute that phone channel-which takes a bit for the software to see the device, or simply unplug which seems odd but quickest obv signal is still being routed to that port.

crazy i know, but when I'm playing audio through my speakers, I don't wish to also hear my headphones blaring too.

How can I accomplish this simple feat? thanks in advance. g~


  • You have to either turn the knob or go into our software (iConfig, Auracle) to turn it down/mute.
    You could touch the phone button again on the front and it'll light red. When it's red it'll volume down quicker than when it's green showing levels.
  • ...so there is not a way to do it other than what I had outlined. Got it. thanks for confirming.

    ...by turning the knob, I now lost my preferred level for the phones. To use my phones again, I have to turn the knob up again to my preferred level which I won't have -  I guess I can write it down and monitor iConfig or something . . . attenuating the level of the output of the phones is not a mute. In essence the end results the same, sure, but it is not a mute.

    It is a shame, since you can mute other outputs so it seem extremely logical to be able to do the same for the headphone jack outs. When you put all outs in mute status, the phone led even blinks like it should be muted. . . . we will call it a faux mute indicator lamp.  ? a firmware issue . . .

    Launching iConfig, waiting until initiates and then finds the device, mute phone channel, close . . . is not a quick mute. If you do decide to keep non-supported iConfig running, the software doesn't effect the led lamps. In another words, I can launch all mute from the device, the software shows the outputs are in mute status yay! (except phones), but if I disable mute in the software, LEDs continue to blink on the device...further, on the device disable mute, I can now mute in the software, the LEDs look still hot.  I know, its not supported but... fun times

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