New mioXL : rtpMIDI issues

Been putting recently purchased mioXL through it's paces, and mostly everything is good, however there are a couple of niggles on the rtpMIDI side:-

1) Setting rtpMIDI to be "Initiator" does not seem to be working for me (Windows 10) - the mio connection shows as participant on the DAW/Windows side (rtpMidi app), but the connection never updates in the mioXL (IPAddress / Port). So even though it looks like a connection has been made in Windows, it is not working and no MIDI is sent.
2) Even sessions with the mioXL set up as Responder have a few issues - e.g. my FaderFox PC4 editor cannot "Send to PC4" using it's editor over rtpMIDI - it gets a checksum error (strangely the editor can receive from the PC4 ok over rtpMIDI). When I connect using USB DAW and use the FaderFox editor directly (HST1) i can send / receive perfectly. 

Connecting via ethernet was one of the big draws of the mioXL, reduced cabling and USB ports on DAW, but obviously it needs to work! I know from other MIDI dev work i've done that some devices don't like MIDI data to be transmitted too fats (BOMEs send SX has a throttling ability), i'm wondering if rtpMIDI is possibly too fast?

Any insight / ideas would be appreciated! I will keep reading up / digging more into rtpMIDI and see if there is anything that can be tweaked.



  • An update on this, it seems that rtpMIDI does not like anything Sysex. PC / CC / NoteOn etc all seems ok, but Sysex over rtpMIDI is not at all reliable.
  • That's a BIG problem as it completely knocks out control of a vast number of synths where sysex is required for control.  What's the point of RTP MIDI if we need to plug in a usb cable for half of our synths? It also totally kills the value of the X series since a standard USB cable can only carry 16 ports.  I guess that with the mio XM it's fine, but the MIO XL becomes useless beyond 16 ports. Am I missing something here?
  • This was a problem that we've since fixed in firmware. 
    Please update past 1.2.0 and you should not have the same issues.
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