MioXL and using Program Change Sys-Ex to switch presets?

The MioXL looks like a great excuse to switch my Mio10 for a new toy, but can it respond to Sys Ex commands to change between presets - I know I can use the front dial to do it, but ideally i'd like to trigger preset changes via midi commands?


  • We currently don't have the feature but that doesn't mean it can't be done in the future. We just have more integrations to make first.
  • +1 from me for this feature request.
    as soon as this is implemented i am going to replace both of my ICM4+ with a new MioXL
  • This is also my big wish and holding me back from buying. I'm looking forward to use such a splendid interface remotely. Currently using Sipario midirouter which can send programchanges also, works magnificant. However it has just too little I/O.
    I really miss my old MidiTemp  :)
  • If you are connected to the mioXM or mioXL via USB you can send a program to the "preset selector" MIDI port and it will change presets to the Program Change number you send it.
    Note: Some device start PC# at 0 and some at 1, so keep that in mind.
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