Facebook Live and AUDIO4+ question

Hello. I have owned this interface for about 4 years and it's been very good to me. Now I have a new question. I want to live stream a performance on Facebook Live using the camera on my MacBook Pro or the camera on my iPhone (whichever one works the best). How exactly can I route the main output of Ableton Live to my live stream? I understand that the input source for the stream has to come from what's coming out of my DAW. Almost like a loopback situation. Is this possible with the AUDIO4+? Thank you for your time.


  • Dang. Nobody knows? I'm surprised no one has tried this already. So I'm wanting to do Facebook Live from my phone but use the output of Ableton Live from my computer. Any ideas?
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    I'm in the same problem to solve. I want to route my ProTools out through my iConnectAAUDIO4+, wondering if the USB-lighting cable can send a stereo signal into the streaming video with my iphone. Anybody?

  • Same here... sorta...  I want run my audio sources through my ICA4+ to do a Facebook live via my iPad or iPhone. I cannot figure out patching or even if it’s possible...  any ideas?
  • Sorry for MASSIVELY delayed response. I think the video below will help you get it figured out.

  • I'm interested in doing something similar - using Facebook Live. I watched the above video, but not sure it's relevant to what I'm seeing. When I go to Facebook's Live setup screen, when I flip from the default internal audio on my laptop to the IConnectAudio4+, the webcam display goes dark and I don't have the option for going live. I went to the previous FB live version, and when making those choices, when I flipped to the iConnect4, it told me it couldn't find the web cam. I'm mainly just trying to use the first analog input at this point, and use it all the time in my DAW.

  • I'm not sure how to help you on that one. I have not heard of that happening. You can see I've selected mine and the camera doesn't blank out.

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