IConnectAudio crashing iPhone video apps

Does anyone have a favorite video recording app that they use with the iConnectAudio? 

I am connecting my IConnectAudio4+ to my iPhone to record video. It works to the Camera app using the "Open app, switch to video, connect iCA" trick. But, there's no audio level or indication that the connection worked correctly. I wanted to use one of the Movie apps instead, but both FiLMiC and ProMovie crash when using the iConnectAudio.

For example, with FilmIc Pro. I bring up the app and under audio settings, I see iConnectAudio selected. I get levels from a keyboard connected to iConnectAudio. I hit record - App crashes (completely back to home screen). 

ICA4+ on latest firmware. Default setup from Auracle. Works great to audio outs and Mac. Works with Video setting in camera app.

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