Connect guitar preamp to ICA4+

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Hello everyone!

I've got the iConnectAudio4+ and wonder what is the right way to connect my guitar preamp to it. My understanding is that I should use one of the unbalanced inputs (1 or 2), however my preamp (H&K Tubeman) has two outputs:
1st - to power amp (should be connected to the Return input in amps)
2nd - to mixer (has some cabined emulation)

I'd appreciate any advice or consideration on the best/right way to connect it and to not to loose anything in signal quality, as well as an advice on best volume settings (should I set max volume on preamp and minimize input volume in the iConfig mixer?)

Thank you!



  • Looks like I'm alone who use it this way )) anyway just to share my findings the best (to my ears) config is to use the "To Mixer" output from the preamp connected to 1st input of ICA4+. The volume on the preamp is best to set to the maximum as it gives better ratio of sound/noise in the incoming signal.

    IDK why, but connecting preamp's output "To Power Amp" gives strange jerky sound, like distorted on high frequencies if connected to the same output of ICA4+. Anyway it's all works for me, I just use that output connected to my amp in parallel with the processed sound form ICA4+. Works great!

  • Good to hear. I would've used the "to mixer" and had the higher output on the guitar side and then adjusted the input 1 gain as needed.
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