ICA4+ iConfig - Getting Minimal Latency


I mainly use iCA4+ for my guitar as processor and want to achieve the minimal possible latency. The iConfig offers two parameters the "Number of buffered audio frames and Sync factor value".

Do I understand correctly that to get minimal latency I should set the first (Buffers) to minimum and the second (Sync factor) to maximum?

Does this affect direct input monitor as well or direct monitor goes straight to output without processing?



  • 1. Number of buffered audio frames
    USB audio data is packetized into frames. The Number of buffered audio frames parameter sets the number of "super-frames" that our box will buffer from host #1 before passing data to host #2 (and vice versa). A super-frame is 1 millisecond on iCM products and 500 microseconds on iCA products. Lower numbers are better because they provide slightly lower latency and faster response time while recording. The default value of 3 works for most systems. On rare occasions you may need to increase this to 4 or 5 to avoid audio clicking - depends on the host.

    2. Sync factor value
    The Sync factor value parameter is used in an internal calculation for matching clock rates between hosts. For iCM products this affects how quickly the synchronization code reacts to sudden changes in clock rate. Think of it as a low pass filter where higher values are a lower cutoff value (more smoothing). For iCA products this has almost no effect, so if you have one of those boxes just ignore this. For iCM units the default value should work for most host computers and iOS devices but higher values may help improve synchronization with some problematic hosts.

    In your case you have an AUDIO series product. A superframe would add 500microseconds latency. If you want low latency pick the lowest number.

    Sync Factory isn't overly important for your scenario.
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    Thank you very much! These are the details I was looking for.
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