MIOXL - Midi clock via RTP connection

Hi there. is there a way to pass midi clock from one master device (not being a computer) to the other devices and a computer being connected via RTP? I've checked the midi routing config but it doesn't seem to work although perfectly working via USB...

thx!  :)


  • This is possible. I'll pretend you have the device with the master clock in DIN1.
    In AuracleX go to the MIDI routing tab.
    Select DIN1 under the DIN section in the left column.
    On the right side click the word DIN and add all the DIN ports you need clock to go to.
    Also do the same for USB/DAW as needed and send to RTP1.

    Once you connect RTP to your computer and select that network session in your DAW you will see the data on your comp.

    If you don't want any other data going to these devices from the master device then we will have to look at different filtering options.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    DIN/USB to DIN/USB midi clock works fine; it is the DIN/USB to (not from) RTP that doesn't seem to work.
  • update: the DIN/USB to RTP works for start but not for STOP. 
    I have yet to test the midi data (note on/off etc) BACK to the devices but they don't seem to appear separated as they do via USB connection (mioxl/device1; mioxl/device2 etc)
  • by default all the RTP ports have a routing to the ports separately.
    I create a separate Session on my computer for each RTP MIDI port I connect.
    The Local name can be anything, usually I make this the name fo the gear connected to the port that it's routed to.

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