Rename Bonjour Ports for RTP and/or rename USB Host Ports mioxm

Hi.  I need to rename the Bonjour ports for RTP MIDI or perhaps rename the HST 1 and HST 2 ports.  I can rename them in the Auracle interface but MIDI OX still sees the ports as the hard to read machine name type HST 1 HST2 or the longer RTP Bonjour name that seems to be hardcoded.  Is there actually a way for me to name them to the name of my MIDI Device that is used when I plug the MIDI device directly into my computer?


  • Sounds like you are on Windows. On Windows you will be using the RTPMIDI software. When you add a session, don't activate/enable it right away. You can then name the Bonjour name or Local name for that session. The Local name is what shows up in your softwares. The Bonjour Name is what you use to connect the RTP MIDI ports with in Auracle for X

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