SOLVED: Help me solve this MIDI problem; Program Changes + SPP + Transport

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Okay, let's see if I can explain my issue.

I recently purchased the MIO XL to do away with my plethora of merge/thru boxes, but now I'm stuck with one issue:

I want to send program changes to/from two sequencers (e.g. Sequencers A and B ) so that I can get them to change to the same pattern when I change patterns on either one of them.

I had this configured without the MioXL, but it required sending the OUT of Sequencer B to a MIDI thru box to split the signal where one of the thru box's OUT went to Sequencer A's IN whereas the OUT of Sequencer A had its OUT going to the IN of a MultiClock that allowed me to send its program changes (using the MIDI mapper on the MultiClock) through the OUT to Sequencer B.

Again, I'd like to somehow be able to explicitly send program changes from one sequencer and vice versa. If I try this through the MIO XL, I get a crazy MIDI feedback loop causes things to crash. I don't think this is possible as filtering is all or nothing.

Any suggestions or do I need to keep a MIDI THRU and MIDI MERGE to achieve this?

EDIT: ah, so while i was configuring everything i had set a drum track sending notes to a synth from one seq as well as on another seq which was causing a feedback never mind, my setup is working, user error!


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