Multiple rtp-midi initiators connecting to a single responder possible?

hello people of the forum!

i have multiple mioXL and mio10/mio4 interfaces in operation, previously via usb, which i am now changing to rtp-midi. i know how to set up multi-participant rtp sessions using macos as the "hub", but is is possible to host a session on mioXL for example and have multiple other devices connect to the SAME session on the XL without using a computer? right now it seems as if a responder does only accept 1 connection from an initiator at the same time. is that correct?

what i would like to do is have at least one set of preset that works completely without a computer, so midi distribution would happen in the xl.

i think i could do this by setting up multiple point-to-point sessions on the XL and route between the sessions there, i'd just like to know if i am missing something regarding connecting multiple initiators to the same responding session.



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