Issue regarding Channel Remap


A friend of mine wants to achieve channel Remapping let me explain what he wants to do
He has 2 Keyboards (Kronos and Montage)

There is a function on the Montage to stack the 8 first MIDI channels (1 to 8) so when you play in Ch1 it plays all the channels from 1 - 8 at the same time (now it is your choice to split the Keyboard accordingly (e.g CH1 first Octave of the Keyboard with a bass sound ...... Ch8 last note of the Keyboard to trigger a Sample)

He wants to achieve the same for channels 9 to 16 (not possible directly on the Montage.

I have suggested him to buy a MOI2 hoping he could achieve it but it looks difficult
He is using the iConfig app on PC to set his configuration

Let(s take an example
He is getting out of the Montage from MIDI Out and goes into the MIO2 on the MIDI DIN Port 1
He is sending on Ch16
And wants to send the same information to MIDI DIN Port 2 (out) of the MIO2 to Ch 10, 11, 12& 13 > MIDI IN port of the Montage
What would be the best to achieve this ?

Any solution would be much appreciated

Thanks for your feedback



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