use a Playaudio4+ as a redundancy system live

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Hi I already have a pa4+ that I am hoping to use live with 2 computers. I was wondering if it is possible to set up a live redundancy system like the pa12+ does or at least something similar. Even just knowing how I could route them to manually switch quickly. I just figure I have the host control to run them in sync all I'm missing is the ability to have the outputs assigned and quickly switch- would love to here if anyone has a solution for this. Wondering what my options are without purchasing a 12. Thanks!


  • You can run the PlayAUDIO12 and AUDIO4+ in parallel for your redundant system.
    The AUDIO4+ can only be used for the inputs in this system.
    In this setup you would connect USB port 1 from both interfaces to Computer A and USB port 2 from both interface to Computer B.
    The audio will input to both computers at the same time by default (using iConfig).
    The the PlayAUDIO12 will be controlling output so you will only hear the computer that the PlayAUDIO12 is letting through on it's Scene.

    The AUDIO4+ on it's own has no good way of doing switching on outputs like the PlayAUDIO12. You would have to be in our iConfig software and make adjustments on the fly... it wouldn't work well.
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