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i have a few mio xl's, and i want to set up some filtering so midi notes from a shared rtp session are only output to the port the synth on that midi channel is actually on. this right now means clicking 105 checkboxes to filter all the other channels for each output port.
can there please be either a clickable channel numer to toggle the whole channel, or at least a "set/unset all" button? with about 25 midi ports in use i'd have to click those checkboxes a few thousand times. not exactly userfriendly. :)

or just opensource auracleX, then i can do all of my change ideas myself. :)




  • We've definitely heard this and I have the same feeling about this as well. I can tell you it's in the Auracle X development plan because I do this all the time and clicking a bunch can get a little exhausting. 
  • Also. our iConfig software did this before and is currently open source if you have any device that's not mioX Series.
  • After using iConfig for years yesterday i gave Auracle for X-series a try.
    I also found myself clicking hundrets of those checkboxes. Would be great to have it like in iConfig:
    Clicking the row label: toggle all checkboxes checked/unchecked of the row
    And please implement the hidden feature as well:
    Clicking the top left corner of the matrix: toggle all checkboxes checked/unchecked of the whole matrix 
  • 100%!! This is definitely on our list of improvements. We are working first on getting all our products moving on the Auracle X platform but once that is going we will get a chance to touch up details that make the user experience better like multiple select like you are saying.
  • Not in Auracle 1.8.2 beta for windows, I cross my fingers to have it in the final 1.8.2
  • it is gettting really old. i am currently rebuilding my studio, it has 3 mio XL devices that will have to be reconfigured soon. totally looking forward to hitting slow-responding buttons about 8000 times soon. (please, iconnectivity, fix this!)
  • +1 from me
    it seems to be a pretty tiny task. i will not describe the feelings i had about your company during spending hours(!!!) of clicking those checkboxes
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    @tsho08 do you already know when this important feature will be implemented & released?
    in case it is not foreseeable i am going to hack this feature myself by running auracle with --remote-debugging-port=XXXX
    but of course i prefer to avoid spending time on that issue...
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    @tsho08 i noticed the tiny improvement in Auracle 1.8.3
    Thank you for that one!!!
    Now the few thousands clicks got reduced to few hundrets clicks when trying to check all checkboxes for a vanilla start.
    But to be honest: i really can't understand why you only implemented a tiny part of this improvement?
    Didn't you read the feedback (this topic from August 2020) or are there any other reasons for deciding to not implement the suggestions?

    Its a matrix where where those toggle-all/nothing clicks should be possible:
    1) toggle all checkboxes of upper and lower section (50% implemented because you can only clear instead of toggle)
    2) toggle upper section (channel based stuff) of checkboxes by clicking on the header (not implemented)
    3) toggle lower section (realtime stuff, etc.) of checkboxes by clicking on the header (not implemented)
    4) toggle each row of upper section (100% implemented in the latest update, THANK YOU FOR SAVING HOURS OF MONKEYWORK!!!)
    5) toggle each column of upper section by clicking on channel number (not implemented)
  • Yeah I requested an All for the rows and columns but didn't get that, so I have that request in to add the All for each column as each row has this now in newest Auracle X version.
    This list is good, thanks for that. 
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    tsho08 thanks for the improvements in the latest 1.9.0 version. for me, the only thing missing is the last small checkbox at the intersection of "all" and "all" that is now blank but could be a button to invert or toggle the whole matrix. because with filtering, i need to have all channel filters on, and then just turn off one colum. i dont really care about the realtime stuff, as that is only a few buttons, but bobleeswagger has that covered in his list already. :)
    again, thanks for making the mio midi world a better place!

  • Ha. I agree I mentioned that to our software developers. I mostly mentioned it because it drives me crazy to see the perfect box and then a single square in the corner missing lol.
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