please help. RTP session connection issues!

I need help bad. I cant get anything to work right with RTP/MIDI on mioxl. I have created 4 sessions in rtpMIDI program, set them all to initiator with proper names of sessions, but it will only recognize/connect 3 of them. RTP 1 will not connect. even when switching it to responder in Auracle, rtpMIDI rejects it every time. Tried using RTP 5 and same results. I feel like Im going backwards cause the other day everything in RTP land was its all out of wack. What i want out of the mioxl shouldnt be such a struggle. I have 10 plus midi machines/synths i want to route and sequence/sync to Ableton Live on computer and also the same to my MPC Live. Mpc is using the USB Daw port and all works fine on it. But using RTP is causing me a mental breakdown. Sometimes i will catch both Auracle and rtpMIDI showing a connection for mioxl554-01 ( which is the culprit) with all proper names and such. So i then open Ableton try to trigger some midi, and nothing. Then the connection on both programs is gone. 


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